Public Seminars

Through organizing public seminars on health, WCSA expects to increasing the awareness of health knowledge and improving the quality of life in Winnipeg Chinese community.

Tai Chi Club

Tai Chi exercise in every Sunday morning is the most attractive activity in WCSA. It started in early spring of 2018. Tai Chi not only is a way to exercise, but also provides opportunities for friendship.

Ping Pong Club

The ping pong club with the generous sponsorship of Mr. Xueyong Zhang and his immigration company, and the cooperation of Huatian Table Tennis Club, is officially started every Saturday.

Fitness Class

Every fitness class on Saturday and Thursday, through integrating music and dance, helps members to express their emotions and energy to achieve the their goal of happy fitness and healthy exercise.

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WCSA is a newly established (2016) Winnipeg-based non-profit organization which is operated by enthusiastic volunteers. The purpose of the organization is to spread public health knowledge, enhance the awareness on unusual conditions appeared in the body, and promote the well-being of the residents in the Chinese community. Through organizing seminars on health, and activities on exercise and entertainment, WCSA aims to promote general knowledge of life and health, coordinate senior-suitable exercises and entertainment, and improve quality of life for the community in Winnipeg.

Board of Directors

  • Yan Jiang, President
  • Jian Chai, Vice President & Media/Technology
  • Songyan Liu, Vice President & Secretary
  • Yulian Niu, Vice President & Membership Administrator
  • Kuisi Qin, Vice President & Treasurer


  • Patrick Choy

Contact Us

If you have any comments or feedback or suggestions, Please contact us via one or more of the following methods:
Email Address: or
President Yan Jiang's WeChat: yjg1964